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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blueberry Muffins (Soaked and Dairy-Free)

As much as I want my kids to be eating more vegetables, my push for more veggie consumption has made me realize that I really enjoy eating grains.  But, I know grains are not the most nutrient-dense food, so if we're going to eat them I want them to be the very best grains they can be:  whole grains, preferably soaked or sprouted.  (Soaking whole grains for 12ish hours with an acidic liquid in a warm place increases available nutrients and improves digestion.  See Amanda Rose's phytic acid web site for more information.)

I found this great basic recipe for Basic Soaked Muffins at  I replaced the milk with coconut milk beverage; it already calls for coconut oil which is my preferred non-dairy fat.  We added a whole cup of blueberries (of which big brother has become a big fan).

They are fabulous muffins--moist and lightly sweet.  They were a big hit all around and made for a nicely balanced breakfast served with scrambled eggs.  Hmm . . . after scouring my picture files, it appears I neglected to snap a photo of this blueberry yumminess.

Stay-tuned for a delicious spicy pumpkin variation on this muffin recipe!

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