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Friday, July 27, 2012

Frenchifying Dinner Step 2: A More Leisurely Pace

As part of our French food-attitude makeover, I'm re-making our dinner hour in the French image one element at a time:  more courses, a more leisurely pace, a fancier table, and better conversation.

A More Leisurely Pace

In French Kids Eat Everything, Le Billion mentions approaching setting the table as if heading out on a long car trip.  I've started making an effort to anticipate every possible need before sitting down (salt, pepper, dressings, drinks, napkins, etc).  I also stay-put as long as anyone else is eating rather than beginning to clean and tidy up as others are finishing.

What I've Noticed . . . 

  • Being able to stay-put once I sit down makes a huge difference for me.  I'm able to relax and engage more in conversation.
  • Remaining at the table and chatting seems to encourage the kids to linger longer and eat more food, naturally consuming a greater variety in the process. 
  • I'm really surprised at how long my four year old and six year old will now stay at the table.  Was my jumping up to start cleaning--so I could move on to the next thing on my list--having that great an effect on their eating?  It must have been.  
  • Serving multiple courses helps slow the pace of the meal down.  
Join me next week as I scrape the play-doh residue off the table in an effort to make things a bit fancier.  

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