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Friday, August 3, 2012

Frenchifying Dinner, Part 3: A Fancier Table

Inspired by Karen Le Billion's book French Kids Eat Everything, I've unleashed a French food-attitude makeover on my family.  I'm hoping to make our dinner a sacred hour of family time together, patterned after French eating principles:  more courses, a more leisurely pace, a fancier table, and better conversation.
Simple Centerpiece:  Flowers Floating in Jam Jars
Trying to dress up our table is way out of our comfort zone, but here's what's happened so far.

A Fancier Table

Ahem.  One couldn't get much less fancy than we were.  Our table serves as craft-central, lego construction site, and play-dough spaghetti factory.  I'm usually pushing a popsicle stick creation out of the way, while scraping up glue stick residue as I set out our dishes.  So far we've added place mats, cloth napkins, and the occasional center piece.
Fancy (for Us):  Napkins and Place Mat with our Salad Starter

What I've noticed . . . 
  • The cloth napkins in particular seem to set a new tone for the kids, creating a bit of . . . . perhaps . . . respect ?? for the meal . . . I'm not sure . . .
  • Making our table setting a bit more formal has created a pre-dinner job for my four year old--in which she's delighting.  
  • I love that they're figuring out how to use a napkin, setting them up to feel more comfortable at restaurants or holiday dinners.  

Apricots in a Contrasting Bowl:  a Center Piece and Dessert

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