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Monday, January 21, 2013

Easy Homemade Super Cleaner

It's citrus season!  Grab your orange peels and some white vinegar and make this easy homemade super cleaner.  I love that it's cheap, easy, highly effective, and puts to good use something that would otherwise be thrown away.

It feels very much like something Caroline Ingalls would do.
Easy Homemade Super Cleaner

Orange peels
white vinegar

Fill a glass jar about half full with white vinegar.  As you eat your oranges, add the peels to the vinegar so that peels are submerged.  If needed, top the jar off with vinegar as it gets full.  Let the peels marinate for several weeks (or months--whatever).  Strain out the orange peels and use the remaining orange-infused vinegar as an all-natural cleaner.  

It's quite strong, so it may be diluted with water for general cleaning or used full strength for tough jobs.  My favorite use for it:  cleaning the textured floors of my fiberglass tub and shower enclosures.  This handy stuff is the first natural, non-toxic solution I've found to getting my fiberglass shower floor really clean.  .

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